Ep. 2 “Living” with Mitra and Bozley

Well there is one girl and her half Saint Bernard/half Border Collie that we are absolutely LIVING for and that’s today’s guest!

Mitra Yosri is literally one of the most interesting, beautiful souls I’ve ever met. In addition to absolutely crushing it on Instagram (check out @nice.to.mitra), Mitra’s talent for cooking and passion for living a healthy vegan lifestyle is truly inspiring. Follow on social at: @nice.to.mitra

Ep. 1 “Best Friend” with Josh and Snow

Each episode is themed around different traits that best describe dogs. Today’s theme is BEST FRIEND and I could not think of a more perfect description to start off the After Bark podcast series with.

Speaking of best friends, we cannot wait to introduce our very first guest and co-host of our podcast, Josh White and his Standard Poodle/Rainbow Unicorn, Snow!

Josh is one of the top dog groomers in the world! Located in West Hollywood, Josh’s dog salon, DOGUE is wildly popular amongest celebrities and dog lovers alike. His Instagram rivels GQ magazine and his poodle is the closest thing you’ll ever get to a real life rainbow unicorn! Follow on social at: @joshandsnow