Ep. 22 “Trendsetter” with Kentucky and Derby

What better way to wrap up After Bark’s first season that with Pack finalists and two of our favorite human/dog duos… Kentucky Gallahue and his Goldendoodle, Derby! The bond between these two cool dudes are simply unmatched! Speaking of matching, their matching blue mohawks, sunglasses and Derby California tie dye hoodies make them quite the trendsetters! Did we mention the Mayor of San Diego gave them a day?! February 20th is officially Kentucky and Derby Day!! Listen in to hear more behind the scenes with Kentucky and Derby and what they are up to now!

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Ep. 20 “Proud” with Lucy and Duchess

We are “digging up” some more dirt on Lucy Riles and Duchess and they are not holding back. Listen as Lucy breaks down just why she is so proud of her Black Lab, Duchess and she was called a “cry baby” and her Real Housewives tagline she already has picked out for her and Duchess.

FEBRUARY 23, 2020 – FLORENCE, ITALY: Pack Challenge in Florence, Italy on February 23, 2020. (Photo by David Scott Holloway)

Ep. 19 “Safety” with Dr. Jaxon Williams

We are thrilled to have on dog safety expert, Dr. Jaxon Williams who is not only a Veterinarian and animal advocate, he specializes in Verterinary Cardiology. He is especially beloved by us here at After Bark because he cared for our dogs for weeks and months while traveling the world. Dr. Jaxon Williams is an activist, cancer survivor and warrior that has been gracious enough to sit down with us and talk “all the things” when it comes to dog safety… and why it was crucial our dogs always wore their Tractive GPS trackers. Hint: He doesn’t hold back. LOL!

This special safety episode of the After Bark podcast is sponsored by Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to our dogs and Tractive has features such as LIVE tracking and activity monitoring on an app which are easy to use and lets us know where our dogs are at all times. So no matter what country we visited; from Austria to Mexico to Italy, Costa Rica or France, we always had peace of mind knowing our dogs were wearing Tractive’s GPS dog tracker. And right now, Tractive is offering a special 20% off your whole website purchase at www.tractive.com. Be sure to use discount code afterbark20 to receive 20% off. We want to thank Tractive for sponsoring this special safety episode because we believe True Love knows no bounds! 

Ep. 18 “Family” with Chisum and Kepo

We had to keep this episode QUICK because today’s guest is literally about to welcome his new baby anyday now! We are so excited to have Chisum Johnson and his Texas Blue Lacy, Kepo back on After Bark. Not only does Chisum hold the title as most beloved team…he also hold the titel of most epic baby photo to ever exist! Listen to hear what kind of trouble they’ve been getting into in Oklahoma.

Ep. 17 “Selfless” with Chelsey and Gryffin

These two care-free spirits have recently traded in their Southern California living for Island life. Always ready to take on new adventures, Chelsey Lowe and her Austrailian Sheppard, Gryffin moved to Hawaii to start a new exciting chapter in their lives together. Listen as Chelsey breaks down why she needed to make this major change and how her career is now thriving because of it!

Ep. 16 “Admiration” with Mark and Ace

This human/dog team leaves much to admire! In addition to being incredible endurance athletes, Mark LeBlanc and his Border Collie, Ace have a bond and mutual admiration for one another that resulted in the BIG win! We are so thrilled to have them back to talk friendship, admiration, winning and fun behind the scenes moments during their time on The Pack. Join us in congratulating the winning team, Mark and Ace!

Ep. 14 “Devoted” with Donna and Charlie

We are “devoting” this episode to the sweetest, most adorable human/dog duo! Donna Modafferi and her Schnoodle, Charlie are back on the After Bark Podcast and we could not be more thrilled! Listen now as these east coast beauties break down behind the scenes moments and what they are up to these days.

Ep. 13 “Goofy” with Vania and Jax

Well our guest may call their relationship goofy, but we all think they are “the sweetest” pair! The After Bark Podcast is bringing back Pack finalists and two of our favorites, Vania Zuniga & Jax! Listen in for some fun (and goofy) behind the scenes moments!

Where are they now…Vania has been busy working as a nurse practioner while also managing her new merchandise line, BeGoldenGoods.com With Jax by her side, there really is nothing Vania can’t do!