Meet The Hosts!

Mitra Yosri loves all things vegan, cooking, tatoos, streetwear, The Office, every living animal, espcially her dog Bozley. The two of them bring a sense of calm and zen wherever they go. Mitra is well on her way to becoming Instagram famous with over 180K and growing by the day.

Josh WHite¬†owns the chicest Dog Salon in West Hollywood, custom dyeing and groomer to the stars. But his greatest masterpiece and pride and joy is his dog, Snow…the closest thing you will ever come to meeting a raibow unicorn dog in person. Everywhere Josh and Snow go, they bring happiness and smiles to the world.

Lucy Riles, a Stay-at-Home Mom raising three kids, two dogs and wife to one husband. Lucy adopted Duchess¬†8 years ago but now it’s pretty clear that Duchess was the one doing the rescuing all along. The unconditional love, security, companionship and emotional support Duchess has provided Lucy, and her kids has gotten their family through so much. But now, Lucy and Duchess are here to prove you CAN teach an old dog (and old broad) new tricks!