Ep. 27 “Groomingly Speaking” with Dogue Spa’s very own Josh White and Jaye Garcia!

After Bark Co-Host, Josh White and his Standard Poodle Snow are back in the hot seat as we talk all things grooming! Also joining us for this special grooming sesh is Josh’s co-worker, co-groomer extraordinaire, Jaye Garcia! They may be experts in stylish cuts…but this After Bark episode is about to be UNCUT!

Today’s episode of After Bark is sponsored by ZIWI – air-dried pet food that provides Peak Nutrition without Compromise! Sourced from and prepared in their New Zealand kitchens and made up of 96% meat, ZIWI’s recipes are air-dried instead of processed at high temperatures like traditional kibbles. This process locks in more nutrients and truly is a game changer when it comes to premium quality food for your dogs and cats! And guess what? Our After Bark listeners are getting 20% off their first purchase with special promo code BARK20 at ziwipets.com Thanks ZIWI!

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