Ep. 49 “Best of After Bark” with Kentucky and Derby!

The Best of After Bark is a compilation of previously recorded interviews from some of our favorite dog/human duos! What better way to wrap up After Bark’s first season that with Pack finalists and two of our favorite human/dog duos… Kentucky Gallahue and his Goldendoodle, Derby! The bond between these two cool dudes are simply unmatched! Speaking of matching, their matching blue mohawks, sunglasses and Derby California tie dye hoodies make them quite the trendsetters! Did we mention the Mayor of San Diego gave them a day?! February 20th is officially Kentucky and Derby Day!! Listen in to hear more behind the scenes with Kentucky and Derby and what they are up to now and don’t forget to check out their awesome merch at ShopDerbyCalifornia and be the first to receive a copy of their new book coming out DerbyBook.com

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