Ep. 25 “Tips, Tricks & Nutrition” with Expert Dog Trainer, Nicole Ellis

Expert Dog Trainer, Nicole Ellis is our featured guest and we couldn’t be more excited! She is a dog trainer to the stars and is kind enough to answer some of our listeners training questions, share tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, why Duchess, Snow & Bozley were her favorites on The Pack (wink wink) and why dog nutrition plays such a crucial role in your dog’s life. Nicole also happens to be a brand ambassador for our sponsors today, ZIWI air-dried pet food. She breaks down how ZIWI works great as a treat to use for training your dog, as a meal for dog’s with sensitive diets and most importantly, how ZIWI passes the “Maggie taste test!”

Check out ziwipets.com and use promo code BARK20 to receive 20% off your first purchase. We want to thank ZIWI for supporting After Bark and for their mission to deliver Peak Nutrition Without Compromise for our pups!

Mitra Yosri, Josh White, Nicole Ellis with her dog, Rossi and Lucy Riles

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