Ep. 19 “Safety” with Dr. Jaxon Williams

We are thrilled to have on dog safety expert, Dr. Jaxon Williams who is not only a Veterinarian and animal advocate, he specializes in Verterinary Cardiology. He is especially beloved by us here at After Bark because he cared for our dogs for weeks and months while traveling the world. Dr. Jaxon Williams is an activist, cancer survivor and warrior that has been gracious enough to sit down with us and talk “all the things” when it comes to dog safety… and why it was crucial our dogs always wore their Tractive GPS trackers. Hint: He doesn’t hold back. LOL!

This special safety episode of the After Bark podcast is sponsored by Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to our dogs and Tractive has features such as LIVE tracking and activity monitoring on an app which are easy to use and lets us know where our dogs are at all times. So no matter what country we visited; from Austria to Mexico to Italy, Costa Rica or France, we always had peace of mind knowing our dogs were wearing Tractive’s GPS dog tracker. And right now, Tractive is offering a special 20% off your whole website purchase at www.tractive.com. Be sure to use discount code afterbark20 to receive 20% off. We want to thank Tractive for sponsoring this special safety episode because we believe True Love knows no bounds! 

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