Ep. 23 “All New SEASON 2 of the After Bark Podcast!”

Co-hosts Mitra Yosri, Josh White and Lucy Riles alongside their dogs; Bozley, Snow and Duchess are so excited to give you an all new season of After Bark! There will be new featured guests and pups, new segments, new stories, more behind the scenes moments and inside scoop from their time together on The Pack as well as a ton of engagement from listeners. That’s right, we want to hear from you and your pups too so please DM questions, comments and stories to @AfterBarkPodcast on Instagram.

Now let’s get this PAWty, we mean Podcast started!

Today’s episode of After Bark is sponsored by ZIWI – air-dried pet food that provides Peak Nutrition without Compromise! Sourced from and prepared in their New Zealand kitchens and made up of 96% meat, ZIWI’s recipes are air-dried instead of processed at high temperatures like traditional kibbles. This process locks in more nutrients and truly is a game changer when it comes to premium quality food for your dogs and cats! And guess what? Our After Bark listeners are getting 20% off their first purchase with special promo code BARK20 at ziwipets.com Thanks ZIWI!

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