Ep. 44 “Best of After Bark” with Josh and Snow!

The Best of After Bark is a compilation of previously recorded interviews from some of our favorite dog/human duos! Very few can pull off labels like “superstar” and “iconic” but these two make it look easy! Josh White and his rainbow unicorn Standard Poodle, Snow are back in the hot seat as we “dig in” to more of their story and how these superstars came to be the iconic brand, Josh and Snow!

Ep. 43 “Best of After Bark” with Mitra and Bozley!

The Best of After Bark is a compilation of previously recorded interviews from some of our favorite dog/human duos! There might not be such a thing as a “perfect (human) couple” but when it comes to Mitra Yosri and her Saint Bernard/Border Collie mix, Bozley that’s the “perfect” word to describe their relationship! We are putting Mitra and Boz back in the hot seat to “dig in” to more of their story. And don’t let Mitra’s beauty fool you…this girl is freaking hilarious and keeps us laughing here on After Bark!

Ep. 42 “Best of After Bark” with Chisum and Kepo!

The Best of After Bark is a compilation of previously recorded interviews from some of our favorite dog/human duos! We had to keep this episode QUICK because today’s guest is literally about to welcome his new baby any day now! We are so excited to have Chisum Johnson and his Texas Blue Lacy, Kepo back on After Bark. Not only does Chisum hold the title as most beloved team…he also hold the title of most epic baby photo to ever exist! Listen to hear what kind of trouble they’ve been getting into in Oklahoma.

Ep. 41 “Best of After Bark” with Donna and Charlie!

The Best of After Bark is a compilation of previously recorded interviews from some of our favorite dog/human duos! We are “devoting” this episode to the sweetest, most adorable human/dog duo! Donna Modafferi and her Schnoodle, Charlie are back on the After Bark Podcast and we could not be more thrilled! Listen now as these east coast beauties break down behind the scenes moments and what they are up to these days.

Ep. 40 “It’s a Ruff Life”

It’s After Bark’s 40th episode and we are celebrating by interviewing special guest, Ben Higginbotham. He is the founder of The Ruff Life Show which is a series of video episodes about interesting dogs and their humans. Our very own Josh and Snow was even featured on his show!

FUN FACT: Ben also accompanied us on our Road Dogs Road Trip documenting and capturing all of our epic moments traveling across country with 7 dogs and humans!

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Bark to ya soon!

Ep. 38 “Mitra’s Sick But Still Talkin Smack!”

Leave it to Mitra to be dying from food poisoning and still completely capable of talking smack to Josh and Lucy while also schooling them on Harry Potter! LOL! This may be one of the most hilarious After Bark episodes ever recorded…definitely one of the most memorable!

**There may be some F bombs and curse words dropped so consider yourself warned!**

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Ep. 37 “Pawfect Pups”

Joining us from England, today’s guest is Editor-in-Chief, Shannon Oxley who created a publication called Pawfect Magazine which is all about lifestyle, fashion and culture based upon their pawfect lifestyles and love for animals. After Bark had the pleasure of being featured in one of Pawfect’s recent publication and likewise, we wanted our After Bark listeners to hear all about Shannon and her pups!

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Ep. 36 “What’s in Store on Season 4 of After Bark!”

What better to start off an all new season of After Bark than dropping it today, on National Dog Day! It’s been such an incredibly fun and pawesome time recording season’s 1, 2 and 3 and we cannot wait for you to hear what’s in store for Season 4! Thanks so much for listening and supporting our “little podcast that could” AFTER BARK!

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Bark to ya soon!

Duchess and Lucy Riles, Bozely and Mitra Yosri, Josh and Snow White

Ep. 35 “Road Dogs Recap with Josh, Mitra and Lucy! Season 3 After Bark Finale!”

It’s been exactly one month since the Road Dogs Road Trip ended so Josh, Mitra and Lucy wanted to share their biggest takeaways from the trip… the good… the bad… and the pretty! These traveling pups and people went on another grand adventure with some of their Pack and just like the previous show, it was anything but boring! There were memories that will be forever cherished and situations that they vowed they’ll never do again! But they DID IT!

10 States + 9 days + 3200 miles + 7 dogs + 7 humans + 1 dog wedding = ONE EPIC ADVENTURE!

And they all survived and are still friends after it! That’s definitely a win! Listen, as Mitra, Josh and Lucy recap this final episode of season three!

THANK YOU to our sponsors! To ZIWI for providing our dogs peak nutrition without compromise with their high quality dog food and treats. To El Monte RV for gifting the wonderful RV. To Tractive for providing us GPS tracking devices to keep our pups safe on all of our adventures. To YETI for all of the amazing gear; dog beds, dog bowls, coolers and snack packs. And to DOGTV for documenting this grand adventure on their streaming service, which you can watch all of our exclusive video content, including the Snow and Derby wedding, when you sign up for a free month subscription using code: ROADDOGS